Some of The Most Beautiful Things Begin With An Unraveling


When Erin Cuccio lost her fourth son in early labor, she was determined to find the purpose in the pain. At the same time, Erin's family was propelled into great change, and all of it left her feeling very unraveled. With a shattered heart raw and exposed, knots that had settled into her soul for years rose to the surface and begged to be untangled. She began to wonder if there might be an unexpected gift in this grief.

What if this wasn't just about

losing Jacob but also about

finding herself?

Find Freedom to Live With

Abundant Authenticity

Maybe you are facing grief in loss, or maybe you're grieving a life that doesn't look quite like you pictured. Maybe you're struggling with self-doubt, self-worth, or self-sabotage. We've been entrenched in an epidemic of unattainable standards, unattainable obligations, and unattainable filters. It doesn't take long to become absolutely contaminated with comparison and realize we may never measure up.

But what if it doesn't have to be this way? What if the real goal is to find out who you were created to be, and then live with reckless abandon in pursuit of that purpose.

What if we allowed ourselves to be unraveled?

Perhaps there, we might uncover the truth

of what was always meant to be.

Abandon Comparison

Fight against the noise of the world to embrace your true identity and calling.

Silence Fear

Embrace the truth of who you are and shut out the lies you've allowed to knot in your soul.

Walk Boldly

Step confidently into purpose with a firm understanding of who you were created to be.

May you find the

thread of LOVELY.

Erin Cuccio is a writer, speaker, and podcast host. Serving as Chief Operating Officer of the Cuccio Household, she spends her days wrangling her three wild boys and supporting her husband in their family-owned restaurant. Her hidden talent is bringing order to any kind of chaos, navigating never-ending loads of laundry, and sneaking in a quiet cup of coffee.

Her heart is most at home encouraging others through the trenches of everyday life to find the thread of lovely woven through every season. She is available for corporate, community, and church speaking engagements.

Transparency Builds Community,

May You Feel

Seen and Known

While we live in a world that is more connected than ever, so much of our lives are lived feeling disconnected. We wonder if anyone else faces the struggles we face, feels the feelings that overwhelm our hearts, or fears the things that keep us up at night. All the while, so many of us are facing similar battles that no one dares to bring to light.

My prayer for this book is not that my story would be seen and known, but that YOU would feel seen and known in the pages of this story. When we are brave enough to be bold in our brokenness, others find their way to healing as well. In transparency, we find community. And my hope is that through my vulnerability, you will know that you are not alone. No matter what season you are walking through, God sees you.

Praise for the Book

"While it may be difficult to look for purpose in our pain, Erin invites us

through masterful storytelling and kind wisdom to do just that.

Unraveled reminds us that even the most painful parts of our story

can be woven together into something beautiful."

Bob Goff

New York Times Best Selling Author

of Love Does, Dream Big, and Undistracted

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